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Terms and conditions


We will always aim to deliver your order as close as possible to the estimated

time you want. Unfortunately there might be times when an unavoidable

situation takes place beyond our control which will mean this wont be

possible . Therefore delivery times are not guaranteed. We will always try and

contact you if we experience difficulties. The company will be under no liability

for any delay regarding a delivery or any consequences of such delay arising

from any circumstances whatsoever.


Payment options

Our payment options are: 1. Bank transfer 2. Cash (Invoiced)

Full payment will always be required before any order can be accepted and

confirmed. Non cash payments must be made no later than 24 hrs. before

expected delivery.


Cash on arrival

Where it has been agreed with us that we will collect cash on arrival

(Invoiced), we will make every effort to contact the person on site responsible

for payment when we arrive. Unfortunately due to other customers awaiting

deliveries we can only wait on site for 30 minutes for payment. After this time

the ice delivery will returned to base. Should the delivery be re booked a

further delivery charge will apply.



Payment must be made as soon after the provisional booking as possible. This

enables us to book /confirm other customers preferred dates/times. Delivery

dates booked by us prior to payment will be on a 24 hour provisional

booking, subject to full payment basis only. If this provisional booking

remains unpaid after 24 hours the provisional booking will be cancelled and

made available to others.


Ice sculptures and luges

Ice sculptures / Luges should be placed on a stable table and

supervised. Set up should be around 90 minutes prior to showing to avoid


Set up means the sculpture/luge being placed in a drip tray with a tube to

allow evacuation of the melted ice.

The customer is responsible for providing a suitable container for the melted

ice and that a stable table is in position upon our arrival.



Ice cubes & crushed ice orders may be cancelled at any time from order up to

5 days prior to the agreed delivery date for a full refund of the paid amount

less any expenses we incurred such as credit card fees etc.

Specially ordered items such as ice blocks,spheres,shot glasses, rock ice,

sculptures, luge’s and other ice products are excluded from cancellation

refund due to their bespoke nature)


Cancellation of an order

To cancel an order please email giving us your contact

details, order date and simply say that you wish to cancel the order.

Please also contact us on +31 653195091 to ensure that we have received

the cancellation by email.

If we are unable to answer please leave a message telling us that you sent an

email requesting to cancel an order and can we confirm.


Privacy Policy

We will never pass on or sell your details to third parties and no financial

details will be held by ourselves. Nor will we ever pass on or sell your

information to third parties for marketing purposes.

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